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Wedding Lists

A wedding list is a catalogue of the gifts that the bride and groom would like to receive and are closest to their wishes and needs. This list should be as complete as possible, allowing guests the widest
range of choices, in view of what they can afford. The wedding list is the most practical solution for the guests to be able to acquire a gift and a sure way for the bride and groom to avoid receiving the same gift twice, or receiving gifts that they do not like or need.

How should it be created?

The List should include a range of articles that satisfy the wishes and needs of the couple. It might include: bedclothes and tablecloths, linen and drapes, a variety of kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, cookware sets, crystal, china, furniture, carpets, curtains, lighting or household decorations, with a wide range of prices, allowing the guests to adjust to what they can afford.

When should it be created?

It should be created 3 to 6 months before the wedding date and before the invitations are sent.

Conditions for accessing Wedding Lists

For the bride and groom

After creating the list, the bride and groom shall be given a user code and password that will allow access to the reserved area and let them know what is going on with the list via the Internet. The wedding list is managed through the reserved area, permitting all the information to be easy checked easily, namely, which gifts have been selected, which have been purchased and which gifts are still outstanding. During the weeks leading up to the ceremony, the bride and groom should consult the list, so that if nearly all the gifts have been already been acquired, they can add new articles to the list.

The store will have the gifts delivered to the location indicated by the bride and groom or, if you prefer, the gifts can be collected directly from our store.

For the guests

If you are the guest and you want to purchase a gift, you will have to enter the Wedding List reserved area, introduce the username and password given you by the guests, and access the Wedding List catalogue with the articles chosen by the couple. Here you can consult the description and the price of each part. After selecting the gift, an automatic email will be sent to geral@jomaxhome.com. Our employees will get in touch in order to confirm the order, the message to put with the gift and provide all the indications required in order to perform payment.

Special Promotion: Bride and Groom

JomaxHome offers the bride and groom, during 15 months (up to three months before and 12 months afterwards, including the month of the wedding), a shopping card that will entitle them to a benefit of 10% of the total value of the products acquired from the list, to be used in the acquisition of products.


JomaxHome guarantees that all personal data shall be treated with the utmost confidence and security.

We wish you the very best.